DNA Genetics Seeds

DNA Genetics Seeds

DNA Genetics Seeds started growing cannabis in the late 1980’s in California. California gave DNA Genetics access to tons of interesting and unique cannabis strains. In 2002 DNA decided to get out of the heat of California and move to a more cannabis friendly place, settling in Amsterdam. DNA continued to breed several amazing new strains, including some high-quality Cannabis Strains. In the last 15 years, DNA Genetics has become a crowd favorite and have won over 150 awards including numerous cannabis cups and the High Times ‘Top 10 Strain of the Year’ award more than five times! The name “DNA Genetics” is frequently seen and heard in print, over the internet, in songs, on the radio and on TV. They are a well-respected and highly regarded cannabis seed producer known worldwide. 

Learn more about DNA Genetics Seeds by visiting their Instagram DNA Genetics Seeds Instagram , Twitter DNA Genetics Twitter and Website DNA Genetics Official Website

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