The Plug Seedbank Seeds

The Plug Seedbank Seeds

The Plug Seedbank is a group of cannabis lovers and enthusiasts with many years of experience and knowledge in the industry. The Plug BCN decided to launch their own seed line. They utilized some of the world's most stable genetics from the best growers. The Plug teamed up with some great cannabis breeders to create new award-winning genetics. The Plug Seedbanks bestselling feminized strains include Blue Sherbet, Sour Crisp Cookies and Sour Lemonaid OG. Their bestselling regular variety seeds include Strawnana Wifi, Strawbanana Glue and Jungle Scout Cookies. All of the Plugs seeds are tested before being released to the public to guarantee stability and yields. You can buy an assortment of The Plug Cannabis seeds at the Attitude Seedbank USA.

Learn more about The Plug Seedbank by visiting their Instagram  The Plug Seedbank Instagram

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