Grounded Genetics Seeds

Grounded Genetics Seeds

Grounded Genetics has stayed behind the scenes focusing on cultivation and extract making for the last few decades. They are deeply entrenched in the global cannabis scene. This deep dedication has led Grounded Genetics Seeds to creating several award-winning cannabis strains. Grounded Genetics has placed first in events such as the Legends of Hashish in Amsterdam as well as collaborative wins across Europe with brands such as DNA Genetics and Marimberos. Grounded Genetics are proud to now share their best work in the form of cannabis seeds.

Grounded Genetics passion for collecting strains, curating new terpene profiles was the driving force behind their decision to develop their award winning breeding program. Grounded Genetics is devoted to further developing the flavors and terpenes of their favorite strains to make available and share with the world. Every line released by Grounded Genetics has been self-tested in-house and vetted by 3rd party professional cannabis grows. These are genetics you can trust.

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