Rare Dankness Seeds

Rare Dankness Seeds

Rare Dankness was founded in 2010 after years of growing, collecting and testing many strains of Cannabis. Through their global grid of friends, Rare Dankness has been allowed to work with some of the most desired and highly craved genetics. Their collection of genetics spans the last three decades and represent the best strains of Cannabis in the world. Their work is not meant to replicate the 'mothers', but to compliment the genetics by crossing with high-caliber males. They believe the road to legalization is through education. Rare Dankness's aim is to supply the best quality genetics to the Cannabis community. Rare Dankness strains have won over 100 Cannabis awards globally and their signature strain Ghost Train Haze 1 has been proclaimed the "Strongest Strain on Earth" 2X by High Times Magazine. 

Learn more about Rare Dankness by visiting their Instagram Rare Dankness Instagram , Twitter Rare Dankness Twitter and Website Rare Dankness Website

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