Mass Medical Strains Seeds

Mass Medical Strains Seeds

Mass Medical Strains is dedicated to enriching and uplifting the cannabis community. We have raised and donated enough money to fund the entire construction of the Nanda Devi Cannabis Library which is being built this year (2021) in the Himalayas and is the first of its kind in the world! We have also donated through Green Bodhi to build a well offering clean water to a community in India! Lots of great ways in which our work with this plant can benefit people :) We have official collaboration strains with some of the world’s top breeders and cultivators such as Dman Seeds, Green Bodhi, Katsu, Thug Pug, Well Grown Seeds, Aloha Island Genetics, Indian Landrace Exchange, Gage Green, Eastcoasterdam, DFG, and have more collaborations in the works with over 20 more like-minded breeders! We are dedicated to creating the best unique cultivars and enriching everyone else’s experience! Enjoy our podcast that has taught over 40,000 growers new skills and perspectives in growing, selection, mindfulness with the plant, and even sharing advanced breeding skills, to informative posts on Instagram. We encourage others to breed with our seeds.

Learn more about Mass Medical at their Instagram Mass Medical Strains Instagram, Website Mass Medical Strain Website, Podcast Mass Medical Strains Podcast and YouTube Mass Medical Strains YouTube

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