Little Chief Collabs Seeds

Little Chief Collabs Seeds

Little Chiefs name inspiration came from the boss at Pure Sativa - little but oh lord so mighty! Little Chief has been speaking to his pals at the world's top seed establishments and has managed to influence some of the guys to work together to create some cannabis super strains. Little Chief Collabs is driven by a desire to allow the next generation of breeders to develop their skills while strengthening the ideology of quality over quantity. The result is a carefully curated selection of limited-run cannabis strains. Flagship mother plants from separate seedbanks are brought together to create elite and exclusive cannabis cultivars. Tangie Ghost Train is the first strain that has been released under the Little Chief Collabs brand and as the name suggests it is a hybrid strain derived from a cross of DNA Genetics' multi award-winning sativa, Tangie and Rare Dankness' equally special Ghost Train Haze #1.

Learn more about Little Chief Collabs Seeds by visiting their Instagram  Little Chief Collabs Seeds Instagram

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