StarFire Genetix Seeds

StarFire Genetix Seeds

StarFire Genetix is an elite, artisanal breeder from California that produces unique and exotic designer seeds. Years of staying true to the plant have enabled them to network, nurture and build relationships with the biggest names in the cannabis industry. Their stables now have a far-reaching array of the highest quality, exotic & most sought-after phenotypes. Starfire Genetix produces its flavor-packed creations through meticulous breeding practices that are paired with elite genetics. Growers all over the world have achieved excellent results and selected winning phenotypes proving they are true to their name & reputation. StarFire Genetix takes pride in every single strain and product they drop; each one has been adequately tested under thorough quality control procedures before they even consider bringing them to market. Through these practices, StarFire Genetix has gained a loyal following of growers who stay ready for the next drop of next-level genetics that are all worthy of hype & as such, remain in High Demand. StarFire Genetix has gained much traction with their Apples N Bananas hybrids and has followed up with an even more sought-after release with the new Permanent Marker hybrids.

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