Cali Connection Seeds

Cali Connection Seeds

Cali Connection Seeds single intention and mission is to supply the world with California’s best cannabis genetics in seed form. The Cali Connection is the umbrella for many of California’s best breeders. Through the use of high quality, handpicked genetics they have produced some of the best, cup winning strains in the world. Cali Connections most famous and well-respected cannabis strains are Original Buddha, Tahoe OG, DeadHead OG, Sour OG, and Chem3 OG. Cali Connection Seeds also has a "Gold" line which includes phenomenal seeds made with legendary parents: Gelato 45, Gelato 33, Wedding Cake, Gorilla Glue #4, Girl Scout Cookies, Forbidden Fruit, Purple Punch and Pre 98 Bubba.

Learn more about Cali Connection Seeds by visiting their Instagram  Cali Connection Seeds Instagram and Website Cali Connection Seeds Website

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