House of the Great Gardener Seeds

House of the Great Gardener Seeds

House of the Great Gardener was established in 2014 after over a decade of work with compassion clubs in Canada. It has a presence in both the United Kingdom and Spain but has deep roots in the breeding, cultivation and activist scene in Canada. House of the Great Gardener is owned and operated by Mat Beren and Kirk Tousaw. They met after Mat was arrested for supplying medical patients with cannabis through the Vancouver Island Compassion Society (VICS) and the VICS hired Kirk, a lawyer, to challenge Canada's medical cannabis laws. Together they won that challenge, paving the way for the development of legal medical cannabis access and, eventually, recreational legalization in Canada. Mat has been working their genetic lines for over 25 years and has created several excellent strains. Along with our own creations, we also make available feminized seed of some of the special strains that have crossed our path. With over 70 International Awards - from Spannabis' Champions Cup to the High Times Cup, House of the Great Gardener is one of the most awarded seed companies in the world. House of the Great Gardener believes in growing with intention. It was founded to ensure that quality seeds were available of the cultivars that patients relied on for their health and well-being. Developing quality stable genetics has always been a top priority because we understand that growers deserve seeds that produce strong, healthy plants. Our flagship strain, Barbara Bud, has become a breeding parent to other award-winning genetics and continues to be regarded as one of the world's great hash-making strains. GG Bless.

Learn more about House of the Great Gardener by visiting their Instagram  House of the Great Gardener Seeds Instagram Facebook House of the Great Gardener Facebook and Website House of the Great Gardener Website

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