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Laos Landrace Regular Cannabis Seeds by Mass Medical Strains

Mass Medical Strains is excited to offer our latest landrace strain, the Laos Landrace from Muang Sing, Highlands, 19 degrees north latitude. This landrace was originally collected by the legend himself, Bodhi Seeds, on a strain hunting expedition in Laos near the China border in a remote location. The seeds were then grown and made more by Khalifa Genetics. I got these seeds from Khalifa Genetics and did an open pollination of just over 30 beautiful plants to preserve the genetic diversity in the strain. Multiple females and males were used and our release is of a mix of these seeds, similar to what you would get collecting them in their wild habitat. This strain produces very large seeds! This variety is originally cultivated by the Akha tribe in highland Laos.

This genuinely pure sativa has absolutely no indica influence, which cannot be said about most typical plants these days! It offers a very unique experience which makes this strain worth growing even with its longer flower time of 13 weeks. A plus side to this flower time is the reduced veg time needed, because they do so much growth in flower, it is possible to sprout them directly in your flower room of 11/13 lighting, and they will begin to flower around 3 weeks in and stretch to approx 5 feet tall without being topped. You can use topping and training to create a smaller plant to fit nearly any grow style. This strain seems to prefer lower light levels than many sativa plants do! This may be because of the frequently overcast weather in the region it comes from. Buds seem to flower “forever” with the inside, lower, and earlier buds ripening first, with tips always showing new flowering. I’ve tested various parts of the plant and determined that after approx 13 weeks of flowering, is the best time to harvest and the inner ripened flower tests much higher than the new green tips that continue emerging. The strain is a light feeder and is very easy to grow multiple plants per pot in a water-only organic supersoil in a 3 gallon fabric pot! Flowers turn purple as they ripen.

The smoke from this strain is one of the best pure sativa’s I’ve tried yet, with a really positive high full of laughter and zero anxiety! The resin is of very high quality, and high terpene intensity, which makes it stand out among many landrace populations. I get notes of incense, spices, meat, metal, woody, with some distant hints of berry vanilla and some say chocolate. The taste is a mix of early 2000s computer terps and campfire, in a smooth good way. I encourage people to make more seeds to preserve this special landrace. It’s foxtaily buds are super sticky, strong smelling, and potent in a very unique way. It also makes an amazing hybridization tool, adding thcv into crosses and lots of interesting sativa dominance to whatever you cross it with. Much respect to Khalifa Genetics and Bodhi Seeds for these special genetics.

Genetics: Laos Landrace from Muang Sing Highlands
Flowering Time:13 Weeks.
Type: 100% Sativa
Terpenes 1.08%
Dominant in Myrcene, Caryophylene, Humulene. Some phenotypes dominant in Pinene and Limonene.
Area: Indoor / Outdoor
Seed: Regular

  • Genetics: Laos Landrace from Muang Sing Highlands
  • Sex: Regular
  • Flowering: Photoperiod
  • Type: Sativa
  • Flowering Time: 91 days
  • Height: Medium to Tall
  • Area: Indoor & Outdoor