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Germination Issue Form

*Germination Disclaimer:Customer is solely responsible for understanding and following local laws regarding germination of cannabis seeds for their state of residence. Attitude Seedbank USA assumes no responsibility for laws or regulations broken through the possession or use of products sold on our website.

*Freebie/UFO/Promo Disclaimer:Freebies, UFOs and Promo seeds are not eligible for germination replacement. These seeds are provided for free by their respective breeder for use as marketing materials, and as such do not carry any guarantees. Only seeds purchased on the site are valid for germination replacements.

*Breeder Disclaimer:All replacement requests will be considered at the full discretion of the breeder of the seeds in question. Breeders are wholly responsible for all germination testing of their products. As a reseller, Attitude Seedbank USA cannot directly comment on the viability of the seeds produced by our breeders.

*Please note:Replacement requests for germination issues are only valid within 90 days of the purchase date. Any requests outside of this timeframe will not be accepted. The germination form is only valid for a single germination issue at a time. If you wish to report multiple issues, you will need to submit the form individually for each.