Feminized Cannabis Seeds
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Cadillac Rain Feminized Cannabis Seeds by Lovin' In Her Eyes

Cadillac Rain is a mash up of some of my plants that are quick, resinous and terpy. Some phenos have a distinct butter cookie scent. Most others have a berry candy, sweet tart and confectionary sugar scent. These are resinous plants that tend to stay on the short and squat side of things. Cadillac Rain is great for a quick turnaround grower by offering more harvests per year, or for a grower with height restrictions. A quick finishing 7-8 week plant.

Genetics: (Mandolin Rain x Pearl Cadillac) x Kaleidoscope Eyes
Flowering Time: 7 - 8 weeks
Type: Hybrid
Scent: Sweet tart, confectionary sugar, butter cookie, berry candy
Area: Indoor / Outdoor
Seed: Feminized

  • Genetics: (Mandolin Rain x Pearl Cadillac) x Kaleidoscope Eyes
  • Sex: Feminized
  • Flowering: Photoperiod
  • Type: Indica/Sativa
  • Flowering Time: 56 - 70 days
  • Height: Medium
  • Area: Indoor & Outdoor