Feminized Cannabis Seeds
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Banana Krumble Feminized Cannabis Seeds by Green House Seeds

Banana Krumble is a result of combining Banana Punch known for its smell and flavor of overripe bananas and cinnamon and OG Kush to bring back the gassy fuel alike flavor. She produces dense, resinous buds that require support during the last week of flowering. Ideal for a night time smoke. Green House Banana Krumble cannabis seeds are highly esteemed for their unique genetics and delightful flavor profile. Developed by Green House Seeds, Banana Krumble is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that combines the renowned Banana genetics with undisclosed indica strains, resulting in a cultivar known for its tropical flavors and relaxing properties.

Genetics and Origins: Banana Krumble is a hybrid strain created by crossing Banana genetics with undisclosed indica strains. The exact lineage of Banana Krumble remains proprietary to Green House Seeds, adding to the mystery and allure of this cultivar. However, the presence of Banana genetics contributes to its distinctive flavor profile, reminiscent of ripe bananas and tropical fruits.

Growing Traits: Cultivating Banana Krumble from seeds is relatively straightforward, making it suitable for growers of all experience levels. These plants exhibit robust growth characteristics, with sturdy stems, broad leaves, and dense bud production. Banana Krumble plants typically have a moderate height, making them adaptable to both indoor and outdoor cultivation environments. Additionally, Banana Krumble is known for its resilience to pests, diseases, and adverse growing conditions, making it a reliable and low-maintenance option for growers seeking consistent yields.

Flavor Profile: Banana Krumble boasts a unique flavor profile characterized by sweet, tropical, and fruity notes, with hints of banana, pineapple, and mango. The terpene profile of Banana Krumble contributes to its aromatic bouquet, with nuances of citrus, spice, and earthiness enhancing the overall sensory experience. When consumed, Banana Krumble delivers a smooth and flavorful smoke or vapor that tantalizes the palate and induces a sense of relaxation and euphoria.

Aroma: The aroma of Banana Krumble is rich and inviting, with pronounced fruity and tropical notes that fill the air. Breaking apart the dense buds releases an intoxicating fragrance that permeates the room with sweet, exotic aromas. Whether smoked or vaporized, Banana Krumble emits a delightful scent that enhances the overall experience and leaves a lasting impression on the senses.

Genetics: Banana Punch x OG Kush
Type: 30% Sativa / 70% Indica
Flowering Cycle: 56 - 63 days
Indoor Yield: Medium
Outdoor Harvest: Late September
Outdoor Yield: 500 g/plant
Average Height: 170 - 200 cm

  • Genetics: Banana Punch x OG Kush
  • Sex: Feminized
  • Flowering: Photoperiod
  • Type: Mostly Indica
  • Flowering Time: 56 - 63 days
  • Height: Medium
  • Area: Indoor & Outdoor