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Super Silver Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds by Green House Seeds
Green House Seeds feminized Super Silver Haze is a high quality plant which is a result of blending Skunk, Northern Lights and Haze. This Sativa dominant cannabis hybrid with some indica characteristics. It's a superb quality plant.

The Super Silver Haze is one of the most famous Sativa strains in the world. Created by Arjan at the end of the 90´s from a cross of Skunk x Northern Lights x Haze, it instantly won numerous 1st Place prizes at the High Times Cannabis Cup, and, from that moment on, history was written.

The Super Silver Haze is an expression of the famous Haze plant that has that strong, vigorous stretch, vivid green color on the leaves and stem and a very typical kind of woody or piney terpene profile. To make the Haze plant more appealing, Arjan added the Skunk and the Northern Lights to add some yield to the flowers, forming some big chunky flowers covered in resin thanks to the Skunk genetic, and shortening the long flowering time from the Haze while keeping that particular Sativa taste that so many people love. 

The result is a beautiful Sativa-dominant plant with the yield and flower appeal of some of the prettiest Indicas. The stretch during flowering will be 2–3 times the size of the flower, and the plant can turn into a huge tree if given enough soil and food. A beautiful strain very resistant to most insects and fungi.

The taste is a complex mix of the Haze ancestors, the Skunk and the Northern Lights. On the inhale you get that really strong Haze note, with a strong pine-tree and woody taste. The most expressed terpenes are Myrcene, D-Limonene, and α -Pinene.
The smoke in the room leaves a kind of church smell, and after the woodiness you get hit by the sweetness of the Skunk and some light metallic notes of the Northern Lights on the exhale.
Genetics: Skunk x Northern Lights x Haze
Flowering Time: 70 - 77 Days
Sex: Feminized
Type: Mostly Sativa 
Area: Indoor and Outdoor 

  • Genetics: Skunk x Northern Lights x Haze
  • Sex: Feminized
  • Flowering: Photoperiod
  • Type: Mostly Sativa
  • Flowering Time: 70 - 77 days
  • Height: Medium to Tall
  • Area: Indoor & Outdoor